Our philosophy

To offer extraordinary products is our goal

For more than 30 years the name Plaikner has been standing for quality and innovation within the ceramic industry. Our passion for exclusive and stylish products has already become reliable family tradition. The unique cream white glazed TIZIANO collection entirely impresses by its design regarding shape and harmonious alignment. Thereby, we set great value on functionality for florists and consumers. Each product has got its very individual and distinctive charm.

Based on our cooperation with international designers we consistently succeed in combining extraordinary shapes and fashionable looks aiming at creating emotional design objects. This exclusivity makes our collections stand out at the point of sales and embellishes the ambiance by its timeless elegance.

TIZIANO products are available at selected retail shops only – for extraordinary products deserve extraordinary competence.


Our unique products are handcrafted. A lot of talent, manual skills and ability is needed to make our TIZIANO products be unique.

Due to the complex manual work during the production process, each work peace gets its own character.


Quality and Supply Management

As it is our wish to establish long term partnerships, our customers‘ satisfaction is an essential issue of our business. Continuous improvement, common growth and a safe future is in the focus of our daily performance. Regular inspections of production places and processes are integral part of our work routines. A close contact to and constructive feed-back from our clients enhance business on either part.

Handarbeit TIZIANO Hänger Alina